Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Doggie Rescue - Meet the pups

Rescuing a dog rocks. 

Our 1 1/2 year old American Stafforshire Terrier Mix
If you're looking to bring a new pet into your home, please consider rescuing a animal.  Petfinder.org is a wonderful site that has listings of all pets currently waiting for their "forever homes" at rescue organizations and shelters in your area.

Our 8 year old  min-pin/schipperke mix

On Petfinder.org you can search for a pet by type, breed, size, age, sex, color and even name! Petfinder.org does not only list dogs and cats, but they also have rabbits, small and furry, horses, birds, scales and even pigs!   

Faith hates being cold...she's trying to stay warm under a comforter.

Both of our dogs were found using Petfinder. When I was looking for Faith, I entered in dog, small, young, female, black and up she came! It was love at first sight. After contacting the rescue agency and filling out some paperwork I waited for approval.  About 24 hour later I was approved and that weekend I picked her up. 
Happy sundog Katie taking a nap

So many needy dogs.  I can't save them all, but I can save one (or two in my case). Do you have doggies or have you ever rescued a dog or cat?  Leave a comment below and let me know :-)

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