Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Stats

Hello everyone!  How was your week?  Mine was great!  Got some workouts in, did some things around the house, and started an order for 60 Tea Totes.  Yes, 60!  I am having a blast putting all of them together.

Now, for the fun stuff....

Week Ending January 29

Curves - 3    Treadmill - 2 

Calories Burned This Week

Weight Loss This Week: 

Total Weight Lost Since January 4th : 
4.6 lbs

I worked hard for that one pound!  And as long as the scale keeps going down and not the other way, I'm happy :-)  I was hoping for more time in the gym and on the treadmill this week, but a case of shin splints put a kibosh on that idea.  

I'm going to get my body fat measured tomorrow, so I'm hoping that I actually lost more in fat and gained in muscle (remember, muscle weighs more that fat.)  In order to reach my goal by July, I need to lose on average 2 lbs a week.  So I'm a little behind, but I'll catch up :-)  I'm officially starting Curves Complete tomorrow and I'm hoping that will give me the weight loss boost I'm looking for. 

Are you on a weight loss journey?  How was your week? Post your results below and be my "Sunday Stats" buddy! :-)

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