Thursday, February 2, 2012

Giveaway #2! Reusable Snack Bag from "It's a Ten"

I love eating cucumber and carrots.  I always seem to have a snack bag full of them with me, especially in the car.  Having healthy munchies near by always saves me from hitting a fast food joint for junk food when I'm out and about.   

I was starting to feel guilty about all the plastic baggies I was going through due to my veggie habit and thought there must be a more economical, earth friendly way of going about this.  That's when I found these awesome reusable snack bags from "It's a Ten" Specialty Creations!  I ordered a sandwich size and snack size in the Michael Miller Carnival Bloom pattern. 

Aren't they cute! Picture from It's a Ten Etsy store

Since Tami (the owner of It's a Ten) lives close to me, I was able to pick these up in a few days.  They're gorgeous!

Sandwich size and snack size. 
(Sorry about the flash on my camera)

They're made of high quality cotton fabric that is lined with a ripstop, water resistant nylon.  They also have a great velcro closure that extends from end to end to keep your goodies nice and secure.  And the best thing about these, you can throw them in the washing machine! Nice :-)

Very well made

I think these would be great for those of you with children.  You could buy each child their own set in their own colors. They would be great for lunches (just make sure they don't throw them away) or snacks in the car.  

Or, for those of us that are trying to lose a little weight, use them to pack up healthy snacks before jumping in your car or going to work.  It's easier to stay on track when you're not tempted by all the junk food out there. 

Either way, we should all be trying to use less one time use/disposal items.  Quit using plastic baggies, save some money and help save the planet!

Testing them out with my cucumbers, they passed with flying colors!

Besides these reusable bags,  "It's a Ten" also has other beautiful creations available like coasters, key chains, lanyards, coffee sleeves and crayon holders.  Please take a minute to check out her Etsy shop.

Guess what!  You have a few chances to win one of these gorgeous reusable snack bags for yourself!  Be sure to enter through the rafflecopter widget below to be eligible for the giveaway.  (Click on "read more" if you don't see it.) Entries will be accepted until Thursday, February 9th.  Winner will be announced on the blog on February 9th. Tell your friends about this post so they can enter too!

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  1. Thanks for sharing about these. It's very hard to choose a fav. from "It's a Ten". I LOVE the sandwich and snack bags and the tea wallets. Great stuff!

  2. These are great, just bought two (wanted to buy ten...). Thank you for the tip!