Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Stats - Week Ending Feb. 12

The scale was not kind to me this week.  It didn't move. :-|

I'm going to assume that this is due to my gaining muscle, as muscle weighs more than fat.  I'm hoping that during my "official" weight in at Curves on Tuesday I can have my body fat percentage done,  and that those numbers will show that I've gained muscle and lost body fat.  I'll be sure to update this post when I get those numbers. 

Despite the fact of not seeing any weight loss on the scale, I am proud of myself for continuing to stick to my Curves Complete weight loss plan by eating healthy and working out 3+ days a week.  Way to go me! :-)

Week Ending February 12th

Curves - 3    Treadmill - 4  Canyon Fit Club - 1
(Fit Club is a group of people that get together for a weekly 
workout using the Beachbody videos - more to come on this in a later post

Calories Burned This Week

Weight Loss This Week: 
0 zero zip nada

Total Weight Lost Since January 4th : 
7.8 lbs

Let me know how you're doing on your weight loss and/or health goals.  Leave me a comment and show me your "Sunday Stats." :-)

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  1. OMGOSH... I can't wait to hear!!! I'm betting that that is EXACTLY what will happen. Muscle DOES weigh more than fat! I'm rooting for you!!!