Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crocheted Grocery Tote Bag

Hello everyone!  Here's a short little post about a cute crocheted tote bag I whipped up this week.  I used this great pattern by Nancy Livengood (pattern found HERE), some neapolitan ice-cream colored yarn (pink, brown and white) from my stash and got to crocheting.  

Yum!  I should have been eating this while crocheting my neapolitan colored bag

I wish I would have taken pictures while I was crocheting this bag.   I was having so much fun making it that I  didn't think until it was almost done that, "Wow, this would be great for my blog!"  Next time I promise more pictures from my crochet projects.  So for now, just picture me crocheting my little heart out :-)

Only four pieces.  Two straps, the bag and a flower to make it cute. 

The pattern was very easy to follow and worked up quickly.  I was able to finish it in one night.  The little flower I added myself.  I used the "popcorn in the middle" flower from one of my favorite books, "Crochet Bouquet."   I'm thinking about making up a few more of these for my friends who have birthdays coming up (you know who you are!) :-)

If you'd like to purchase the "Crochet Bouquet" book, click on the product below from Amazon.  I've also added a few other products that I love and I know you will too!  

Have a great rest of the week everyone ~ Tya


  1. This is so cute! The flower adds so much to it. Very nice work! I love when I can complete a project from start to finish all in one night! Yay!

  2. Thanks :-) It was fun to make and it turning out to be a great bag, it holds SO much! Let me know if you make one.

  3. Hi Tya... thanks for the Valentine! Got a few days ago... life is busy and meant to let you know earlier. —Cindy D :)